About Zebu

DCM Shriram Industries Limited, known for its century old legacy in contributing towards nation building have forayed into designing, developing and manufacturing multiple role tactical armoured vehicle systems under the brand name ‘ZEBU’.

‘ZEBU’Armoured Vehicle Systems is the first Make in India venture which has unique strength and diverse features. Our aim is to serve the Indian Defence and Homeland SecurityForces and also globally export the vehicles for similar strategic purposes.

We are focused on designing, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of multiple role tactical armouredvehicles in India. Having a technologically advanced outlook and equipping ourselves with modern modular designs,ZEBU’s hallmark is the best when it comes to engineering and designing of tacticalarmoured vehicle solutions. We provide optimal survivability and reliability whilst maintaining superior dynamics and performance.

Provided with required protection levels ‘ZEBU’ System is an ideal vehicle for all types of operations in different hostile environments. The ‘ZEBU’ variants include Quick Reaction Team Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Troop Carrier Vehicle, Ambulance Vehicle, Law Enforcement Vehicle etc.

The vehicle can be customized and configured to perform a variety of military missions, including artillery reconnaissance, patrolling, border management, surveillance, command & control, anti-terrorism, and for transportation of military personnel and special forces units.

Our mission is to manufacture capable and competent Armoured Vehicle Systems for the customers worldwide. The portfolio of Armoured Vehicle Systems will provide optimal survivability and reliability to the Security Forces to operate in various hostile environments.

To make futuristic and modern Armoured Vehicle Systems and be a leader in the global market.

1. Industrial License holder under Arms Act 1959 for manufacture Multi Role Armoured Vehicle Systems by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India.
2. Single point strategic solution provider who is client oriented with highly skilled designers and engineers.
3. Focused on the designing, engineering and manufacturing a per the international quality standards.
4. Armoured Vehicle Systems are modular in design and can be altered and configured as per the customers’ requirements.
5. All vehicles have superior dynamics and performanceeven for complicated defenceapplications.
6. Use of latest Armouring Technologies and Materials.

Zebu Seal

The majestic zebu bull, with its heavy and wide curving horns, is the most impressive of the Indus seals. The Zebu motive is found almost exclusively at the largest cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa.

The zebu bull symbolizes the leader of the herd, whose strength and virility protects the herdand ensures the procreation of the species or it stands for a sacrificial animal. When carved instone, the zebu bull represents the most powerful clan or top officials of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa.

In another historic exploration , the worship of Shiva and Nandi can be traced to even Indus Valley Civilization time period. Amongst various bull seals which were found in Mohenjo-daroand Harappa , researchers concluded that this Zebu Seal might just be the origin of Bull | Nandi worship.

Nandi is the name of the gate-guardian deity of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva. He is usually depicted as a bull which also serves as the mount to the Lord Shiva.