Chairman's Message

ZEBU LBPV, is one such effort. The product is meant for protection of the Indian armed forces against light automatic weapon fire, small grenade and IED blasts. This is the major service condition for our troops on the border and against internal insurgents in North, East and Central India.

It is with great pride that I announce the development and launch of ZEBU, a Light Bullet Proof Vehicle (LBPV) for supply to the Indian Defence and Para-Military Forces by DCM Shriram Industries Limited (DSIL). Our group, under the guidance of Lala Shriram and later Lala Bansi Dhar, has been part of the nation building exercise for over 125 years. We started manufacturing Make in India products in 1890 and have consistently worked towards import substitution and creating industrial wealth in India. We believe that this project will create jobs not only in our company but in a series of auto ancillary units and allied services, bringing prosperity to the nation. In addition to providing vehicles in India, our aim is to also export them to other nations and peace-keeping forces.

DSIL decided to foray into the defence equipment manufacturing space after the DPP 2016 was announced by the Indian government. We have shortlisted 4-5 areas which we would like to concentrate on, the primary one being armoured vehicles. DSIL has a long legacy of manufacturing expertise, and in line with the governments vision of Make in India, our Mission is to design and manufacture a world class armoured bullet-proof vehicle for use by our defence and para-military personnel.